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Official Queen's Competition Application
Regional Title Online Competition. Submit your photo to with your name and  Application Fee. 
You will be notified if you have won your regional title
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2017-18Black Globe International Queens
Miss Teen: Imani, Mrs. Polly McGowan-Arrington, Miss Sonya Murphy, 
Ms. Quontica Conley
This is an official Regional Title application for delegates who will compete for a title in the Black Globe International Pageant Extravaganza. Based on your submission date this will determine your judging time for your available title. Once notified the deposit of $250 is necessary to hold your spot and to receive your crown and sash. Submitting your information gives us permission to add you to our emailing list. We DO NOT give out your information. All fees are non-refundable. This is a necessary step to participate in the local/regional queen selection process Maximum 30 chosen.
$10 Application Fee
$10 Application Fee to compete for Regional Title
Family & Friends Traveling with Black Globe International Pageant Extravaganza on a Cruise
Please request the BGI Cruise Packet for your guests who will be traveling with you. We will send a questionnaire and information for your guests via email. We will need to have your guests cruise under our block of rooms to ensure there is room and we can include them in our guest amenities. A guest in the room with you is $495 based on double occupancy until Dec 31, 2018. Additional rooms and rates are available. Rates may increase after December 31.
Please note your interest and number of guests in your request for information.