Who is eligible to compete?

Mrs. BLACK GLOBE INTERNATIONAL - Married lady living with her husband by start date of the pageant finals. Age 21 & better.
Miss BLACK GLOBE INTERNATIONAL - Unmarried lady, age 18 to 35 as of the start date of the international finals.
Ms. BLACK GLOBE INTERNATIONAL- Unmarried lady, age 36 & better as of start date of international finals.

Entrant must be a naturally born, genetic female. Married entrants must be married to a naturally born, genetic male. Any delegate that will be in the next category based on age on or before March 30, following the international finals may opt to compete in the current or upcoming category. Any category that does not meet the minimum number of delegates for that year may have the delegates moved into the next category for competition at the discretion of Black Globe International Pageants CEO or executive designee.

How do I enter?
Entering the BLACK GLOBE INTERNATIONAL Pageant is easy. Fill out the mailing application on the Be a Queen page on this website in order to be entered into the Regional Queen Title Online Competition, if there is no preliminary pageants in your area. The application fee is $49 for this portion of the entry. ONLY SERIOUS DELEGATES. Application fee is non-refundable. Please send your photo, copy of government identification, copy of birth certificate, copy of marriage license if applicable and contact information via email to [email protected] after submitting your application and fee for consideration, you will receive a call or electronic contact for interview. After judging your application and interview, you will be notified if you have earned a local or regional title.  

If there is a preliminary in your area, you are required to enter into this preliminary pageant in order to qualify for the International title. If you do not win the preliminary, you may apply to enter as an at-large delegate and, if selected, you may compete under a different title as designated by the regional queen selection committee.

When do I enter?
For the March, Black Globe International Pageant Extravaganza; Applications for delegates in the Ms., Mrs., and Miss Divisions are accepted starting June. Final Applications will be accepted until February.
 All funds are non-refundable.
Photo for the Official Program Book must be received in jpeg format and Program Book ads must be received in jpeg format to email [email protected] 

What will I be scored in?
Mrs., Ms., and Miss have six (6) categories: 20% Personal Interview, 15% Evening Gown, 20% Spokes Model Competition, 20% Impactful Statement, 10% Beachwear, 15% Photogenic.  
Photogenic begins with an onsite photo competition. Any delegate who arrives late, unprepared or in the wrong attire will miss her photogenic opportunity and will receive a 0 in that category for the competition.
Spokes Model will lead to the development of brand ambassador, acting, and commercial opportunities. 
Impactful statement will lead to MC and speaking opportunities.

Is there an entry fee?
The BLACK GLOBE INTERNATIONAL Pageant is a high quality international pageant system. The official event is self-supporting and relies on entry fees to cover production and expenses. The regional online competition application fee is $49. The pageant entry fee is $995 A deposit of $495 is necessary if you are notified that you have been selected as a Regional Queen through the online application and selection process as mentioned above. A limited number of delegates will be selected for each division.
Apply today at Be A Queen!

Fee Breakdown: 
$49 Regional Queen Selection Application Fee (Will allow you compete to potential earn a regional title, receive Delegate Package, Sponsor Package and Press Release). Titles are earned based on Preliminary event or Regional Queen Selection Process.
Entry Fee: $995 (At least half of the Entry fee must be paid to receive sash)
If Selected, you may start with a Queen's Deposit: $495
The remaining fee may be paid in up to 3 monthly installments but must be paid in full by due date of January 15 .
Any Discounts or specials must be communicated directly through email at [email protected]

What does the Entry fee include?
Entry fees includes:
All competition categories
Winning Pageant Seminars
Official documents
Select Meals during Pageant Extravaganza 
Souvenir Program Book 
Gifts from sponsors 
Delegate Gift Exchange

Entry fee does NOT include:
Travel to or from hometown to pageant location. All delegates are responsible for arriving on time. Any delegate not on time is in jeopardy of having points deducted from her final score. BGI, LLC, affiliates, sponsors, etc., are not responsible for anyone who misses their time slot.
Hotel expenses
Competition wardrobe  
Program ads
Personal expenses
• Other Travel expenses
Additional meals not included

Do I need to be a certain height or size?
No, you do not need to be any particular height or size to compete in the Black Globe International Pageant. We celebrate the beauty of Black women in all of our various shapes, sizes, heights and hues! We look forward to crowning you.

May I seek a sponsor?
You may seek sponsors or you may pay the entry fee yourself. All information submitted regarding sponsors is recognized in the BLACK GLOBE INTERNATIONAL Pageant program book. There are multiple sponsorship opportunities and a sponsorship information pack is emailed once you have completed the Regional Queen Selection Process and submitted all fees.

What forms of payment are accepted?
Payment may be made by credit card via PayPal.com online with funds directed to email [email protected] 
U.S. Postal Money Orders are accepted until  January 15 and are to be made payable to:
Black Globe International, LLC
Mail checks to BGI, LLC offices as listed on your delegate information. NO CHECKS ALLOWED

Is a payment plan available?
Yes. Delegates may pay the fee of $995 in full or may select an automatic payment plan via PayPal. A $495 deposit is required to initiate a payment plan. Maximum of 3 additional monthly payments may be made in order to complete the payment plan. Payment plans must be set-up on automatic payment via Paypal. Failure to remit payment on time may result in loss of title and fees paid. Failure to complete the required payment plan by the final payment due date can result in a loss of title and fees paid. There are no refunds on fees paid. Any delegate joining on or after January 15, must pay in full upfront by credit/debit card.

If I am unable to compete, will I be issued a refund or a credit?
No. Due to extremely low entry fees and extremely high production costs, we are not able to return any payments. Please make sure you are able to participate in the pageant before sending any funds. Some delegates have had the opportunity to compete in the following year based on individual circumstances at the discretion of Pageant officials.

 All fees paid to Black Globe International, LLC are NOT REFUNDABLE and NOT TRANSFERABLE in full or in part. This includes Application fee, entry fees, advertising fees, pageant activity admission tickets and any other fees paid to Black Globe International, LLC.

Am I required to sell ads for the program book?
No, however, delegates may sell  a minimum of 1 full page ad in the program book as a part of the Black Globe International Self-Empowerment program: Empowered BEAUTIES. After the first page, Black Globe International Pageants offers a certain amount of credit toward delegate entry fees. A full page is $500 in ad sales in any combination. Ad sales may include the delegates photo to increase her visibility. Selling ads assist each delegate in growing her confidence in her presentation skills, communication skills and her ability to use her creativity to help her reach her goals. Selling ads helps each delegate develop a skill that will bring financial empowerment for life. 

Empowered BEAUTIES Award
All delegates are invited to participate in the Black Globe International self-empowerment program to receive the Empowered BEAUTIES Award. This award is for delegates who sell a minimum of one full page of ads in the International program book. The Empowered Beauties delegates will receive:
An invitation to a special luncheon with the President and reigning International Queens during the Black Globe International Pageant Extravaganza 
A lovely Certificate Award for the Empowered BEAUTIES program during the luncheon
A special prize Swag Bag
Their name mentioned in Black Globe International Magazine

The Top 2 Empowered BEAUTIES who sell the most ads will also receive:
A Beautiful Trophy
Onstage recognition during finals competition
Half Page feature in Black Globe International Pageant Souvenir Program
Their photo highlighted in an issue of Black Globe International Magazine

What kind of prizes can I win?
Acting  opportunities, crowns, jewelry, trophies, respect, honor, recognition, exposure for pageant fame and more! The Black Globe International pageants obtain sponsors who provide tremendous prize packages and appearance opportunities for the BLACK GLOBE INTERNATIONAL pageant winners. Prizes are awarded based on satisfactory performance of queens and may be changed at any time without prior notice or may be cancelled if a delegate performs in an inappropriate or unsatisfactory manner.

Do all delegates receive a crown & sash?
Some delegates who qualify for and are selected to compete in the International pageant will win the official embroidered sash. The regional official crown is optional. We reserve the right to withhold the sash until the entire entry fee is paid in full. There is an approximate 4 week wait time to receive the sash after the order is placed. Some delegates will win their preliminary events and others may be selected to come after earning the right to participate by completing the Regional Title online selection process. 

Can I compete in another pageant at the same time as this one?
Please note that Black Globe International Pageants is a non-compete system, which means that you may not compete for or hold any other pageant title during your reign as a Black Globe International queen on any level.

How will I receive my Final Delegate Packet?
We work mostly through e-mail. You will receive a Final Delegate Packet via email after we have received your final payment. For additional updates, please join our Face Book fan page at www.facebook.com/blackglobepageants to keep up with some changes. It is the delegate's responsibility to check the website, fan pages and to stay in contact with respective pageant offices for updates or changes. 

What will I wear during the competition
Arrival in Royal Blue Blouse and Black Bottoms
Photogenic competition: Swim wear and fashion outfit
Interview: Elegant business attire as you would wear on a TV talk show or to meet high level executives
Opening Introduction: Fabulous costume of regional/country expression
Impactful Statement: Black cocktail dress with no embellishments
Beachwear competition: Swimwear with fun accessories as seen on a family friendly beach of stars (NO thongs nor see thru swimsuit)
Spokes Model: The required Black Globe International t-shirt and black bottoms
Evening Gown: Elegant full-length evening gown such as you would wear to a celebrity red carpet event

Upon leaving the Black Globe International Pageant Extravaganza, book your flight after 3pm preferably with flexible tickets in the event you win the international title and have additional photos or are granted media appearances.

Black Globe International Pageants 
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Updates 7/2021
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